Robins aim is training sporthorses, either for the highest possible ranking in sports or for an eventual sale. Robin specializes in training talented  horses up to the highest level. When you put your horse in training, we set a short and/or a long-term goal. On a regular basis we evaluate the progress and if needed adjust the goal. You can also put your horse in training to get specific qualifications like “IBOP, PAVO or Subli-cup” or to get a Dutch qualification in sports.

Riding Instruction:

Robin giving a clinic.                                                 Photo: Anne Verhoeven

Apart from training horses, Robin also gives riding instruction. Robin completed the Masterclass Riding instructor and the course Specialist Riding Instructor giving her the highest FEI qualification “Independent Master Instructor”.

At this moment Robin is attending the new education Trainer Coach 5. This education is a program provided by the KNHS (Dutch federation) and the NOC*NSF. This education is focussed not only at the horse sport itself but also at sport transcending subjects and will train participants to be a coach rather than a trainer alone.

Robin really enjoys helping people in their training and to see their progress.
The lessons are mostly held at our accomodation in Heeswijk – Dinther.



Robin can also be your coach in preparation for and on important competitions and Championships. Robin coached the Swiss Youngrider Anne Rita Bertschy on the Swiss Championship Youngriders in 2010. Anne Rita became Swiss Champion!


Robin gives clinics, either as a demonstration, a public lesson or a combination thereof. When you’re interested in Robin giving a couple of lessons and/or clinics at your location, arrangements can be made. Clinics can be given in English.

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